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General problems of children

General problems of children


Problems with different areas of the body

Congenital diseases of the upper limbs

Congenital diseases of the lower extremities

General problems of children


The structure of the human body's motor system is constantly changing from birth to puberty, and certainly the skeletal and muscular diseases of children are in many cases different from those of adults or have different treatments. Children's bodies are growing, and this has both positive and negative consequences.

Many diseases of the patient's locomotor system can be treated with simple measures if treated properly and in a timely manner, and if delayed in treatment, not only will the treatment not be successful, but the growth of bones and muscles will be affected. Affect.

On the other hand, due to the very high ability of children's bodies to heal and repair lesions, it is easier and more successful to treat many skeletal injuries of the body at a younger age than adults.

In the articles on "Children", we try to examine the specific problems of the skeletal and muscular system of children.

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