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Elbow anatomy

Elbow fracture and dislocation

Other elbow diseases


Elbow anatomy

The elbow joint in the upper limb is the junction of the arm and forearm. In this joint, the humerus and the two mandibular bones and the superior femur are placed next to each other. The elbow is an example of a hinged joint that connects important ligaments and ligaments to the passage of important blood vessels and nerves.

The most important problems in the elbow joint that cause people to see a doctor are pain, limited movement and swelling, and sometimes a decrease in strength, deformity, or external damage to the elbow.

In the articles on elbow, we try to examine the specific problems of this joint in terms of orthopedics.

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The forearm is made up of two mandibular and mandibular bones and several muscles, and important arteries and nerves in the hand pass through it. .

In the articles on the topic of the forearm, we try to examine the specific problems of this section in terms of orthopedics.

Comprehensive anatomy of the forearm

Forearm fractures

Fracture of forearm bones. Symptoms and treatment
Treatment of forearm fractures in children

Fracture - forearm dislocations

Symptoms and treatment of fractures - Montage dislocation in the forearm
Symptoms and treatment of sagging - Gallstone dislocation in the forearm

Congenital forearm problems

Congenital adhesion of the forearm bones
Congenital absence of radius or superior femur in forearm
Olena congenital absence in the forearm