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Hand anatomy


Soft tissue tissue injuries

Diseases of the joints of the hands

Soft tissue diseases of the hands

Changing the shape of the fingers

Hand infections

Hand anatomy


The hand is the most end part of the upper limb and is connected to the rest of the limb by the wrist. Although people often use the word hand to refer to the upper limb, anatomically it refers to the part of the upper limb that is below the wrist.

The most important part of the human body is to create physical change in the environment around it. Two important hand movements are to hold objects with the palms of the hands and fingers (to perform strong movements) and to hold delicate objects with the fingers.
The most important finger is the thumb, which is placed in front of the other four fingers.
The most important hand problems that cause people to see a doctor are pain, limited mobility, and swelling, and sometimes loss of strength, deformity, a change in touch, or external injuries are the cause of the hand.

The articles on the subject try to examine the specific problems of this part of the upper limb in terms of orthopedics.

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