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Healthy bones

Proper use of equipment


Sports and exercise

Postoperative exercises

Balanced exercise

Sports injuries

Healthy bones


In all areas of medical science, disease prevention is much less expensive and more successful than treatment. With the spread of urban culture, the human body's motor system becomes more and more distant from the environment for which it was built, resulting in many diseases and problems, including low back pain, knee pain, and osteoporosis.

Adherence to the principles of a healthy lifestyle such as proper nutrition, maintaining proper physical activity, periodic care under the supervision of a physician, attention to mental health can prevent many or diseases of the locomotor system.

In the articles on "Prevention", we try to examine the effect of the mentioned points on maintaining the health of the body's motor system. By referring to each header, you can go to the relevant page.

Having strong bones requires planning from childhood
Vitamin D and its role in bone and body health
How to get enough calcium from your body with proper nutrition

Sports and exercise


Sedentary lifestyle and reduced physical activity are the biggest health threats to modern humans. Doing a few simple exercises can help prevent many problems with the locomotor system, such as back pain and knee pain.

After many treatments or orthopedic surgeries, the patient should perform certain exercises for a while to prevent restricted joint movement near the treatment site, increase muscle strength and coordination, and be prepared to return to daily or sports activities. slow.

The treatment of many lesions of the locomotor system is incomplete without exercise, and proper post-treatment exercises play a very effective role in achieving a good therapeutic outcome.

Articles on "exercise" try to provide a variety of exercises that can be used to prevent or treat a specific orthopedic problem. Exercises after specific treatments will also be discussed. You can go to the corresponding page by pointing to each header.

Upper limb

How to do shoulder medical exercises
What are the medical exercises for the elbow?
What are the medical exercises for the wrist?

Lower limb

How to do pelvic and hip exercises
How to do knee flexion or medical exercises properly
How to do ankle medical exercises correctly

Special exercises

Stretching exercises for groin muscles
Pelvic exercises to control pain caused by trochanter bursitis

Spine exercises

Neck pain can be significantly reduced by exercise and medical exercise
Most back pain can be treated with medical exercises