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Shoulder anatomy

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Shoulder anatomy


The shoulder is a complex structure that connects the upper limbs to the trunk. Although the shoulder is referred to as a joint, its structure actually consists of four joints.

The shoulder has the highest range of motion among the joints of the body. This joint rotates in any direction and allows you to move your hand in any direction you want.

The most common causes of shoulder problems due to shoulder problems are pain, swelling, dryness, and limited mobility. In the articles on the shoulder, we try to examine the specific problems of this part of the body in terms of orthopedics. You can go to the corresponding page by pointing to each header.

Comprehensive anatomy of the shoulder joints



The arm is the part of the upper limb that lies between the shoulder and elbow joints. Bones, muscles, blood vessels, nerves, sciatica, skin and many other parts are involved in the formation of this important organ of the body.

The arm has long been a symbol of ability and power in the culture of all nations. The arm puts the hand in the desired position and can use its powerful muscles to give people the ability to move heavy objects.

Dysfunction of any of the above parts of the arm can cause symptoms in a person. The most important arm problem that causes people to see a doctor is pain, and sometimes loss of strength, deformity, sensory disturbances, or external injuries to the arm are the cause of the referral.

Comprehensive arm anatomy
Fracture of the humerus