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Anatomy of the sole


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Anatomy of the sole


The word foot is often used to describe the entire lower limb, but anatomically, the foot is the part of the lower limb below the ankle. The foot is the last part of the lower limb and plays a very important role in walking.

The foot is a complex set of numerous bones and joints in which a large number of muscles are located in or around them. In the culture of some nations, the health of the foot is considered a sign of the health of the whole body.

Foot pain, deformities that may occur in the soles of the feet or toes, sensory and motor disorders, foot ulcers, and foot injuries following external shocks are some of the causes that can lead people to seek medical attention due to movement system problems.

In the articles on "sole of the foot", we try to examine the specific problems of this part of the body in terms of orthopedics. You can go to the corresponding page by pointing to each header.

Comprehensive anatomy of the sole