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Tumor generalities

Benign tumors

Intermediate and malignant tumors

Tumor generalities

Bone tumors and soft tissues of the limb are among the most important diseases of the human locomotor system. These tumors can develop at any age and can cause pain to the patient.

Many bone tumors can cause fractures by weakening them. Occasionally, tumors of the limb show up as palpable masses.

Articles on the topic of "tumors" try to discuss the most important bone tumors.

Bone tumor, bone cancer

Cause - Symptoms - Progress

What causes bone cancer?
What are the symptoms of bone cancer?
What are the criteria for the progression of bone cancer?


How is bone cancer diagnosed?
What is a bone biopsy or biopsy and how is it done?


How is a bone tumor treated?
What is bone tumor surgery like?
What is chemotherapy and how is it done?
How radiotherapy is used to treat bone tumors