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Wrist anatomy

Wrist injuries following trauma

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Wrist anatomy


The wrist connects the forearm to the hand. The movements of this joint are wider than the elbow. The wrist is the site of important blood vessels and nerves.

The most important problems with the wrist joint that cause people to see a doctor are pain, limited mobility, and swelling, and sometimes loss of strength, deformity, or external damage to the wrist can be the reason for seeing a doctor.

In the articles on the wrist, we try to examine the specific problems of this joint in terms of orthopedics. You can go to the corresponding page by pointing to each header.

Comprehensive wrist anatomy

Other wrist diseases

  • Why does my wrist hurt?

    Bone and joint problems

    Symptoms and treatment or wrist wear
    What are the symptoms and treatment for kinebach or lancet bone necrosis in the wrist?
    How does Moldang Deformity cause congenital wrist deviation and what is its treatment?

    Soft tissue problems

    What is the diagnosis and treatment of Decron's disease?
    What is cross-syndrome and how is it treated?
    What is ganglion and how is it treated?

    Nervous problems

    What are the symptoms and treatment of carpal tunnel or carpal tunnel syndrome?
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    Dry wrist surgery
    Wrist joint replacement
    What is wrist arthroscopy and when is it necessary?


    How to do wrist medical exercises